What are Black People Like in America w/ Dr. Cornel West

What are black people like with Dr. Cornel West.

“WhatAreBlackPeopleLike” Copyright 2016
What are black people like? What are black people like in America? A lot of people get their information on black people from TV shows, news special, and movies, but don’t hear the truth from the people themselves.  My name is Prince Sefa-Boakye, and I will be taking on this question?

In this video I talk with my longtime mentor and friend, Dr. Cornel West on this very issue.

To follow Dr. West go to http://www.columbia.edu

To contact me go to my blog http://www.princesdailyjournal.com

If you’re interested in becoming an online entrepreneur go to http://www.beblack.livelikeanentrepreneur.com

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