img_1367Dreams are the fuel that fire desire! If you are not dreaming BIG, you are playing too small. Create curiosity for yourself and explore it. You will be surprised to see what the mind can accomplish once you have a focus. The world is too big and too vast for you to just stay in the same predicament.

Here is a sentence I would like you to finish; “God put me on this earth to do….” See God put you on this earth to accomplish something more than what you are doing right now! Ask yourself are you living up to everything you dreamed about? Did you explore the world like you told yourself you would? If your dreams are being voided by someone else, how much did they pay you to give up on your dreams? NEVER, I mean NEVER, give up on them!

Someone turns 18 everyday and you know what they are doing? Living their dreams and goals while the 25 year old who just graduated is stuck in their mom’s basement. The point of all this? Be a master at the Art of LIVING?! Who cares if you are following what your parents wanted you to do! Who cares if your significant other left you because you was following your passion and dreams? Long story short, they never did support you. Living your life the way you always wanted to live. Hesitation is the assassin of dreams!

TODAY make the decision to use your imagination to think BIG!



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