What are Black People Like in Boston with Shaskia Bosquet, CEO of The Project Elite

shaskiaShaskia Bosquet, is the Founder and CEO of The Project Elite–An Elite social networking club dedicated to creating connections for young professionals and entrepreneurs. They brand successful business events and materialize their clients’ vision.

Shaskia is a proud (black) woman entrepreneur, who specializes in event design and decor; event set up and execution; and producing public speakers in the City of Boston.

On this show she talks about her black experience in Boston and how her networking company aims to unite black entrepreneurs (from all ethnicity) under one roof to network, make meaningful connections, and cultivate ideas to innovate Black Entrepreneurship in the Boston Hub!

“We need each other for our existent. If we come together as a community we can be a lot more innovative and advance our communities [in Boston]”

So if you’re a black entrepreneur and are in need of expanding your network in Boston, she’s got you covered.

To be on her mailing list and learn when is the next networking event or retreat in Boston go to http://www.theprojectelite.com

You can also follow her on

Facebook: facebook.com/shaskia-bosquet

Linkedin: linkedin.com/shaskia-bosquet

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