Tell Your Haters to Shut the Hell Up!


img_1649People say they have a problem with entrepreneurs and how we have such audacious, ambitious, and narrow minded goals! Fortunately, we are just talking about changing the world and if you don’t want to change the world in your image, you clearly shouldn’t be talking. Stop hating on those who want to defy the norm of society and do things differently. Just because you can’t do what others won’t, doesn’t mean you need to judge those who want it all.

Stop pretending to be friends in disguise as enemies only to bring someone down to justify you being average and not having the courage to make something out of yourself. You idolize celebrities who don’t know or care about you, but they themselves worked hard and went through the trenches to make it and you can’t even support your friend’s venture? That to me doesn’t make sense.

See I have a problem filling out a piece of paper to see if someone will hire me to tell me when to show up, when to eat lunch, when to go home, what to wear, what to do, when to pee, tell me how much I’m worth, and I’m going to put the future of myself and my family now in someone else’s hands. That doesn’t really sound to appealing to me. If you like that plan, I don’t know who sold you on that but if you want change in your life, do something different to achieve it.

Chase Your Dreams and stop doing what everyone else is doing. Live above your limits and just do enough!


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