Interview with Alwyn Simeina, Founder of Oxx BeeKeeping

oxx-beekeepingAlywnn Simeina is a Black Entrepreneur and CEO of his own Bee Keeping business. What started out as a hobby, turned into a “liquid gold” Business. Having started his beekeeping education from the Internet, he has successfully registered himself as a beekeeper with the state of Florida and is also enrolled in the University of Florida Master Beekeepers program.

The bees, he says, are raised without the use of any chemicals. His mission is to spread the importance of beekeeping and its contribution to our environment. Honeybees pollinate about 80% of fruits and vegetables in the world!
Without bees there would be no food!



To follow Oxx BeeKeeping go to

To follow “Follow the Honey” in Boston, Ma go to



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