What are Black People Like in Uganda w/ Prince Othuman Ntale, Founder of African Heritage International Inc.

Born in Uganda, Prince Othuman Ntale graduated with Hon Bachelor of Arts Education Degree from the Uganda International University Mbale. He is the President & Founder of African Heritage International Inc.

The African Heritage International Inc is a registered Non profit and Exempted under 501 C 3 Internal Revenue Code. It is incorporated in Massachusetts. His launch & shared mission of African Heritage International Inc in relation to GAC  Governor African Council was inspired by Governor Deval Patrick’s Africans Civic engagement.

As the leading Non profit organization dedicated to African people in Massachusetts, he received AFRICA WORLD CLUB Commonwealth Award in response to the Death of Senegal Teen Malik Ndiaye # Stop Youth Violence and has helped an African couple, who lost single child, seek justice from Regis College lady president who allowed their child to bleed to death in a parking lot

Prince Othman says that his people are very respectful towards their elders and take pride in their heritage.

Prince is also the Recipient of Commonwealth Award by Governor Deval Patrick.


To reach him, email him at africaheritageinc@gmail.com

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