Family Life from a Black-African Lense

When it comes to family, it tends to be one of kind, especially for Black-Africans. Although there’re close and not so close family around us, a collective bond is a powerful force. A family is a unified group sharing norms, values, beliefs, and views about life, society and the world as a whole. These components and elements derive and stem from our Black-African roots linked to our tradition and culture. Thus, we have a private family and public family. Those who are in our bloodline fall under private and those who are outside of our blood are public. Nonetheless, family has a short or long distance reach. Life experiences does reveal families being separated either by choice or by force. Those of African descent have seen changes in family life due to foreign contamination by way of dehumanization of various forms. Therefore, family life isn’t as organic as it should or could be. From generation to generation, family life for Black-Africans is becoming more and more detached at its core. But if an attachment is made to reconnect back to our original roots as the indigenous family, then life would be much richer as an overall African culture. Thus, family life originates back to Africa and shall move forward in that same direction.

by Tony Kwame Ansah Jr, 10/25/2017

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