Leadership from a Black-African Lense

When it comes to leadership, there are two general types. Some leaders lead for themselves and some leaders lead for others. History reveals so many leaders have come and gone. They had a cause, reason, or why he/she chose to lead. Internal and/or external factors and forces compel individuals to take a lead in particular areas of life. The end results have been either positive or negative. As far as humanity is concerned, Black-Africans were the original leaders from back in the day. As time passed, leadership went through some metamorphose of stages. Thus, leadership has engaged in dehumanization to get ahead, especially during Western Industrialization. As the saying goes, “the first shall be last and the last shall be first.” Leadership of tomorrow will come to see people of African descent reclaim/retake what’s rightfully theirs and take the lead again. It’s only a matter of time and action to let nature take her course for monumental Black-African leadership to rise & shine.

by Tony Kwame Ansah Jr, 10/25/2017

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