Parenting from a Black-African Lense

To be a parent is a huge responsibility meant for mature partners. It takes two to tangle and it takes two to engage in parenting. Although in some cases, there’s only one parent in the home. That is, single parenthood. Whereby, mothers tend to take on this role meant for two, especially within the Black-African community worldwide. As a result, mother and child are synonymous. In some instances, fathers are given the task of babysitting as if they aren’t a parent. However, babysitters are individuals who are assigned to monitor and supervisor a child for a temporary period. On the other hand, parents are nurturing and caring for a child on a permanent basis. There’s a biological and spiritual connection between parent and child that doesn’t quite exist for those on the outside looking in, such as a babysitter. All that being said, a distinction is being made to point out that there are full-time parents and there are part-time parents, but a babysitter could never be any of these regardless of bond they may have with a child. Reason being, parents have a child and that child wouldn’t exist without his/her parents and vice versa. To take it a step further, Africa is the mother of civilization and without her there would be no human race. Therefore, let us have some respect for our parents because without them there’s no humanity, whether we’re close to them or not. All praises due to our parents for parenting us as is.

by Tony Kwame Ansah Jr, 10/25/2017

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